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At Forgedweld Metal Fabrication, we specialize in bringing your creative ideas to life. Our custom metal design services allow you to make special requests for uniquely constructed metalworking projects, built exactly to your specifications. Located in Leonardtown and serving various parts of Maryland and Virginia, including Washington DC, we’re in the perfect place to help with all your welding needs. 


We incorporate multiple procedures within our custom metal design service processes, allowing various levels of customization to create a true one-of-a-kind metal creation. The various operations we can use to incorporate unique attributes into your creation include: 


  • 3D CAD: This process allows us to help you fully realize what your finished design will eventually look like. Using computer software, we build your idea within a virtual 3D space and render it to give you a glimpse at the final product. 

  • Welding: A crucial piece in most modern-day metalworking processes, welding effectively joins two pieces of metal together with a very strong bond. Typically used with stainless steel and various other alloys, the welding professionals at Forgedweld have the certifications to work with aluminum.  

  • CNC Engraving: Using computer-controlled routing machines, we can input a design into our machines, and they will then apply your designs to whatever material you may be working with. This is effective when adding written elements to your metalwork designs. 

  • Plasma Cutting: Similar to CNC engraving, we offer hands-free plasma cutting. Useful when shaping intricate designs you would otherwise be unable to make manually. Our machines allow us to cut up to a 1.5-inch plate. 

  • Powder Coating: Typically the last step in our custom metal design services, powder coating gives you the option to add color to your creations. Long-lasting, damage-resistant powder coating lets your finished product stand out. 


We have completed an endless list of custom metal design services for customers in the past. These projects ranged anywhere from building pushcarts built specifically for music equipment to bumpers for cars and trucks. Our team has also crafted loading ramps, hitch attachments, and even custom paneling for semi-trucks. 


For an inquiry into the custom metal design services we can do for you, or for any general questions you have, contact us today. 

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