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Burning Desire: 5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Backyard Fire Pit

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Imagine this: it's a cool summer night with fireflies aglow and a fresh bag of marshmallows is

in your pantry. But, your family is cooped up inside and forced to "roast" them over an

oven flame or in the microwave. It's not quite the same, is it?

With a backyard fire pit, you don't have to do that. Backyard fire pits are a lot more than the

perfect marshmallow roasting station, though.

Keep reading to learn 5 reasons your home needs a fire pit.

1. Adds to Your Home's Value

Let's start with a perfectly valid reason that's likely the least fun on this list: it will add value to

your home. Any type of addition you make to your home can add value to it so when you sell

in the future, you'll get more money than you initially paid.

Other common ways to add value are with new appliances, landscaping, paint jobs, and

solar energy.

2. Make Any Gathering Fun

Now let's get to the fun stuff. Any summer barbecue, fall family reunion, birthday, or Sunday

family night can be made better with a fire pit.

Everyone can gather around it to tell stories and socialize. You cook over the fire while you

catch up and everyone mingles. You can send everyone outside after a long day cooped up

inside watching TV.

You can make a backyard camping party complete with a fire to tell ghost stories around.

Birthday parties will have a bit of extra fiery fun where you can sit to open presents or pose

for a group photo.

Simply put: it brings people together and adds a bit of spice to any gathering.

3. They're Gorgeous

No matter what product or style fire pit you choose, you'll be adding a great aesthetic piece

to your backyard. Whether you go for one that's super modern or perhaps something more

rustic, it's going to give your yard a serious makeover.

4. Extend Your Time Outdoors

The end of fall and winter might feel like the end of your time outdoors, but it doesn't have

to be with a fire pit. It will warm things up naturally so you can spend longer in your beloved

yard grilling, socializing, and spending time outside.

They're also a natural source of light that (in our opinion) look better than artificial LEDs.

5. Fun with Cooking

We've mentioned this a few times before, but fire pits are a great way to roast up anything

you can spear on a stick. Marshmallows and hot dogs are common choices, but get creative

with this one. Think kebabs, veggie skewers, etc.

This will also make any gathering more fun and interactive. Instead of slaving over the grill,

have everyone grab a stick and a weenie and get to roasting. While you might have a few

that get burnt to a crisp, it will be all in good fun and everyone will enjoy themselves!

Final Thoughts on Backyard Fire pits

Backyard fire pits can make your life richer, both literally and figuratively. Adding value to

your home is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting one means you're in for family gatherings,

s'mores, and fun.

Has this article convinced you to take the fire pit plunge?

Contact us for more info on how to get one into your backyard ASAP!

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