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Forgedweld Metal Fabrication has the professional experience you demand when creating the perfect projects for your home, business, or any other location. Being one of our specialties, we can cater the handrail fabrication services we provide to meet your specific needs. As a result, you’ll receive the best possible finished result.

We have the capabilities to produce many different styles of handrails, including those used in industrial or architectural settings. We place an emphasis on creating durable products that keep residents and employees safe and out of harm’s way.


Some examples of these applications include:


  • Deck and patio railings and fencing 

  • Storefront entrance/exit railings to support disabled persons 

  • Elevated walkway railing 


On the other hand, we’re also proud of the artistic touch we have when creating custom ornamental railings. Our team typically performs these handrail fabrication services within residential homes or buildings that require their own personal touch to compliment the overall atmosphere of their location. No matter the railing style or level of detail you settle on, we can create straight, curved, or spiral railings with intricate designs implemented within. This option helps create a unique feeling for every location we install our handrails.


To give you even more options when choosing the perfect handrail to fit your proposed location, we offer a choice in materials depending on your needs. 


  • Steel: Perhaps the cleanest looking option, stainless steel railings tend to be more expensive but also provides high durability and strength in all situations. We can incorporate creative designs to fit your vision. 

  • Iron: Due to the heating process, iron railings can create a very unique look. This material incorporates durability and strength along with character brought about through the twists and turns in the iron. 

  • Aluminum: Providing high structural integrity as well as affordability, you can use aluminum railing indoors and outdoors. Plus, it requires little maintenance throughout the years.  


To learn more about handrail fabrication and other services we have to offer in Leonardtown and the surrounding Maryland and Washington DC area, or even for general inquiries, contact us today. 

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