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Don't Get Burned: 5 Things To Know Before Building Your Custom Fire Pit

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Warmer weather means fun, backyard gatherings.

No evening gathering is complete without a fantastic fire pit.

Before purchasing your new fire pit there are a few things you should know.

Building a fire pit that fits your needs can be a wonderful experience. Before you get started,

check out these five things you must know before building your custom fire pit.

1. Know What (If Any) Fire Regulations Are in Place

First things first. You need to find out if there are any fire regulations that you need to abide

by. Homeowner's associations don't always allow fire pits, so be sure to contact them if you

live in an area that is governed by an HOA.

Also, depending upon where you live, there may be rules and regulations regarding what

time of year you can use a fire pit. There are also some regulations that state how far away

from a structure a fire pit can be.

Building a permanent fire pit? Depending on the type of fire pit, you may want to contact

your home owner's insurance company. They will let you know if you're covered in case of a

fire that results from the fire pit.

2. What Type of Fuel Will You Be Using?

The majority of fire pits are wood-burning or gas. If you prefer the smell of the great

outdoors, opt for a wood burning fire pit. Wood burning pits are also more cost-effective as

logs are cheaper to buy than propane.

3. Where Will the Fire Pit Be Located?

You need to decide where in your backyard you will put your fire pit. Typically, fire pits are

supposed to be at least 10 feet from your home and your neighbors' yards. You want to be

sure that it's placed away from bushes, low hanging bushes, and anything else that could

catch fire.

4. What Is the Purpose of Your Fire Pit?

When you're deciding what type of fire pit to get, you need to determine the purpose of

your fire pit. If you're looking to improve the ambiance of your home, you might consider

an indoor fire table. If you're wanting to gather around it and roast marshmallows, you may

want an outdoor wood-burning fire pit.

Regardless of what you will be using the fire pit for, you have several unique fire pits to

choose from.

5. Decide What Materials to Use

When you're wondering how to buy a fire pit, you must first decide what material you want it

made from. You have many types to choose from:

cast iron




These are just a few of your options. When you know what feel you're going for and the

purpose of the pit, you'll be able to better choose the material.

Ready to Start Building a Fire Pit for Your Backyard?

Building a fire pit can be the perfect addition to your backyard. There are so many options to

choose from, but you can easily find one that works best for your home.

You no longer need to wonder where to buy a fire pit. If you're ready to have your own fire

pit for entertaining, contact us today and let's get started.

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